Sandra Denker
Sandra Denker

(certified technical translator)

Before I started studying I finished my Abitur with the main subjects electrical engineering and mathematics.  Then I spent one year in the United States.  From the summer of 1991 to 1992 I was an AuPair with an American Family living close to Chicago, IL.  This year led to my interest in the English language and translating—and eventually to studying Technical Translation at the Fachhochschule Flensburg (University of Applied Science).

For my mandatory year abroad during my studies I chose the US again.  I spent one semester studying at the University of Texas at Austin where I successfully completed courses in translation, linguistics, physics and area studies.  I then did an internship at International Communications, Inc (now Lionbridge), which is a localization office near Boston, MA.  There I translated software documentation and advertising material and I proofread translations by other translators.

During my studies at Flensburg I worked as an external translator for the New Zealand Translation Centre in Wellington, for which I translated mainly user guides.  I also did some translations as a freelancer for various other companies.  Before I started writing my thesis I worked for Förde Reederei in Flensburg.  I translated the software used by this shipping-company for their accounting and reservations into English.

For my thesis I chose an area, which did not only include the translation of texts but also working with the Internet. The subject of my thesis was "Multimediale Gestaltung des Kurses 'Leistungsanalyse von Kommunikationssystemen' zwecks Anwendung im Internet" (“The Multimedia Design of the Course `Performance Analysis of Communication Systems´ for the Usage in the Internet”).  I translated a course into English, designed the pages for the Internet, and worked on the discussion server, so that this course can be used by students anytime and anywhere. This teleteaching project is available on the Kommunikationstechnik Server of the Institute for Telecommunications at the University of Applied Science in Flensburg.

After finishing my studies I was hired for a large translation project by International Communications Europe (now Lionbridge), a localization office in Rendsburg, Germany. After finishing this project I have been working with my colleague as a freelance translator until May 2000.  Since June 2000 I am head of TTLS.

Aside from the obvious programs, which are used by translators daily, like:

I also have been working with the following programs:

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