This page provides a brief overview of this site, so that you can display the desired information with one mouse click.  This page not only displays the main pages but also all pages on lower levels so that you can skip a level to display any page.

Business partners should know each other—at least to some degree.  Therefore you can display a short summary of the company and some information about the manager on the Introduction page. 

Nowadays, there is hardly an area left in any profession that can be covered by only one professional.  It is therefore important to concentrate on one part of a larger area.  We are trained in the translation of technical texts and Services gives you a definition of the materials we localize.  Clients contains a list of the areas we successfully worked in and also a list of end clients TTLS worked for.  If you would like to know more about some of the terms we used you can display a brief description on our Terminology page.

The translating profession is not protected in Germany.  Even untrained `Translators´ can offer their services on the market.  Qualifications gives you information about our training and other skills.  The page Sandra Denker displays a detailed description of the head of TTLS.

There are several ways to contact us, which are shown on the Contact page.  In addition, you can display a list of all external links that were used on these pages on  Links to Companies and Other Sites.

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