Sandra Denker holds a degree as Technical Translator of the Fachhochschule Flensburg (University of Applied Science) in Germany.

This educational course is no longer offered in its original form but has been changed to Internationale Fachkommunikation with a Bachelor or Master degree.  The original course concentrated on the languages English - German since technical subjects and the corresponding words and phrases took up a large part of the lectures.

To be certified as a Technical Translator, one had to study three years in Flensburg and one year abroad.  The year abroad had to be spent in countries with English as the official language.  One term of this year had to be spent studying at a university.  During the second term the students had to complete an internship in a translation agency or in the office of a company.  The conclusion of the studies was a thesis written by the student.

Furthermore, she has worked as a translator before—as freelancer as well as in translation offices—and gained insight and experience.

You can get a more detailed description on the page Sandra Denker.

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