TTLS offers translation and localization of

  • Articles for PC or technical magazines
  • HTML pages / Web sites
  • Manuals
  • Marketing material
  • Presentations
  • Software documentation
  • Software user interfaces
  • Specifications
  • Technical papers
  • Tenders

as well as proofreading of documents in German.
We deliver our translations on CD-ROMs, floppy disks, ZIP disks, paper, via e-mail/FTP or fax.

Prices for translations depend on the type of text.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a free and non-binding estimate for the translation of your material.  You can also send us a text (which should not be more than one data sheet) for a sample translation.

In order to achieve a high standard we translate from English into our native language German. Translations into English are also possible but not recommended, since native speakers should be used to guarantee a high quality.

The most important aspect of a translation is its purpose.  If you only need to know the content of the text, quality is not that important.  In some of these cases it might be sufficient to translate the text using automatic translation software.  However, the translation skills of these programs are very limited.  You can get a free and entertaining sample if you use the translation services offered at AltaVista and many other websites.

Otherwise there are three important aspects to consider regarding a translation: quality, speed and price.  Quality is the most important aspect since a fast and cheap translation cannot be used if the quality is poor—the object will not be achieved if the customer cannot use or understand the translated product.  Especially for a high quality in technical texts the used terms must be precise, easy to understand and consistent. 

Aside from various dictionaries in form of books or on CD ROMs we use online databases and the internet for our research.  We also use Translator´s Workbench (Trados) to work more efficiently and to make the translation more consistent.  This tool creates a translation memory which can be used for future projects by any translator working with Translator´s Workbench.  This memory can be used to create a fast and consistent translation.  It is especially useful for translating updates of texts which have already been translated.

Created by Sandra Denker